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Optimize for the Operational Efficiency Metrics that Make a Real Difference

Ever since the new millennium, cost cutting, productivity and efficiencies have been the top priority – not an easy task for the customer-focused executive also accountable for sales, customer satisfaction and retention. Some cost-cutting measures such as reducing staffing, outsourcing, or decreasing average call time can negatively impact business performance.

CC-One brings all your sites, agents and customer interactions into one command center dashboard. The data from your operational systems like the ACD and omni-channel communications are displayed along side or even mapped to the data from your business systems such as your CRM or Order Entry System.  You can see which calls produce revenue, their characteristics and how to most efficiently optimize for both operational efficiency and business results.

  • Get visibility into all the real-time operational and business data in a unified dashboard
  • Understand agent efficiency, productivity and true performance
  • Know which productivity and efficiency measures really matter, and which don’t

Solving a Operational Pain Point


The focus on decreasing average handle times and increasing the number of handled calls has resulted in a decrease in sales and customer satisfaction


Sales conversions and the customers with the highest lifetime value need 45 minutes to make their decision and complete their transaction


Prioritize the right customers and staff for longer calls to make sure you don’t sacrifice the business in the name of operational efficiencies

Top Features for Operational Efficiency

Cross-system KPIs
Correlate operational and business measures such as offered calls, handled calls, abandons, average handle times, and average response times to business performance measures like first call resolutions, CSAT, NPS, conversions, revenues, profits, and retentions.

Real-time Dashboards
Unifies the data being generated by your operational and business systems in real-time to provide a comprehensive view of all the activity, performance, productivity and business results being delivered by different agents, teams, sites and outsourcing partners.

Predictive Analytics Routing
Dynamically optimizes the contact center systems behavior to deliver the best operational measures as you define them.  Predicts customers’ needs and matches them with the agent with the best track record of delivering the desired results most efficiently.

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