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Unified omni-channel Contact Center Solutions

Over the years, the deployment of multiple, omni-channel contact center point solutions has reduced agent efficiency and made the role of management more complex and expensive. CC-One addresses this with a unified omni-channel contact center environment that includes a speech-enabled IVR, ACD, WFO, Outbound Campaigns and voice, email, and chat channels for customer interaction and engagement.

And the winner is your customer — because their customer and interaction data no longer gets spread across multiple systems. Instead it is all together and easily accessible to agents across channels for a seamless customer experience.

And the agents have a consistent user experience which increases their efficiency, productivity and performance.

BroadSoft CC-One provides a unified omni-channel contact center experience across all major communication channels
  • Delivers seamless customer experience across channels
  • Streamlines management and administration
  • Encourages agent and subject matter expert collaboration
  • Improves agent efficiency and motivation
  • Optimizes positive business outcomes
  • Improves operational efficiency and reduces costs
  • Increases visibility and control
  • Lowers cost of ownership

Unified Contact Center Solution


ACD with Global Queue in the Cloud

CC-One creates a global queue in the cloud for all voice calls to assure quality customer experiences worldwide. Every caller has a quality connection, is served in a timely manner and gets the same information regardless of where they are calling from, the time of day, or which call center is up and running. Everyone waits in the same line and gets connected to the best available agent to meet their need regardless of location.

CRM Integration for Call Logging and Predicting Customer Needs

CC-One can send and receive data to and from third party applications, such as leading CRMs including Salesforce, Zendesk and MS Dynamics. Automatic call logging to CRM records enriches the data in customer history records. CC-One’s use of CRM data in analytics helps determine which agent and customer behaviors and attributes deliver the desired results.

Call Recording and Monitoring for Quality

CC-One centralizes call quality management regardless of the agent, site or outsourcing partner taking the call. Calls are stored in a hosted repository for long-term archival, replay and analysis. Customizable parameters and tags make for easy search, retrieval and file management.

WFO Suite in a Unified Environment

Workforce Management with dynamic scheduling and agent participation, intuitive Quality Management for supervisors and agents, and speech, text and desktop analytics for “Voice of the Customer” insights improve the productivity and effectiveness of everyone in the contact center.

Expert Collaboration and Communications

Integrated unified communications makes real-time collaboration between agents, managers and subject matter experts possible using BroadSoft’s UC-One and Team-One to speed first contact resolution.

Outbound Campaigns

Outbound calling campaign automation and management with preview and progressive dialing optimize agent connections with the right customers while increasing agent productivity, efficiency and sales.

Speech-enabled IVR with Graphic Call Flow Builder

CC-One call routing – from the IVR to connecting the customer and agent – is defined in the graphical CC-One Call Flow Builder that makes it easy to set up IVR prompts and self-service options. Fetches to a CRM or Order Entry can be inserted into call flows, to route calls based on customer attributes, past interactions and needs. Advanced self-service capabilities employ automatic speech recognition (ASR) in multiple languages, user-verification via voice biometrics, and natural language to improve user experience and adoption.

Interaction Histories for Predictive Analytics

CC-One captures all customer interactions and agent activities across channels and integrates them into unified Customer Interaction and Agent Activity Records that represent all the actions each customer took with the same intent, the related agent activities and final resolutions.  This valuable data is available for reporting and to analyze what delivers your business results and how to optimize for the results you want with CC-One predictive analytics.

Omni-channel Customer Interactions

Just because your customers are interacting with you through disparate channels, doesn’t mean you can’t handle, manage and track them in a unified way. CC-One routes voice, email, and chat interactions centrally so that voice and non-voice interactions are no longer managed in silos. Agents work in one unified environment, and all interactions are logged in the same system for reporting and analytics — for a true omni-channel contact center.

Omni-Channel Contact Center

Real-time Performance Dashboards

Manage Contact Center Performance in Real-time

With CC-One, you see all the concurrent activities in your omni-channel contact center as they happen – customers and agents interacting over the phone, chat, email and other channels; sales, service and support conversations; agents online, idle and offline. With CC-One it’s easy to know how you’re meeting service levels, key performance indicators and metrics and how to react if you are not.

Control and Visibility with Real-time Performance Dashboards across Channels, Sites, and Outsourcers

  • Optimize call center operations throughout the day
  • Real-time operations monitoring
  • Compare current performance to the past – in real-time
  • All your up-to-the-minute contact center data in one place
  • Real-time performance monitoring
  • Extensible and configurable for your unique environment
Omni-Channel Performance Dashboard

Omni-Channel Contact Center Monitoring in Real-time

  • Concurrent interactions across channels: chat, voice, email, etc.
  • Agents logged in at each site and outsourcer
  • Conversion and first call resolution rates
Real-Time Operations Dashboard

Omni-Channel Contact Center Real-time Operational Dashboard | Call Center Dashboard

  • Calls in queue
  • Agent, team and site performance
  • Topics, issues and resolutions of all interactions

Omni-channel view of customer journey 

It’s this 360° view of the customer journey that drives the analytics-driven routing that predicts customer needs and connects them to the agent with the best performance record for meeting that need.

Unified Views of Cross-channel Interactions

On average, customers interact with a company through seven channels, as sited in well-known studies by the Aberdeen Group and Ventana Research. CC-One brings together the data from all your channels – and even your other contact center systems such as your WFO suite – and creates a unified view into all your omni-channel contact center operations making it available for reporting and analytics.

Find relationships you never knew existed between customer interactions and agent activities in the ACD, IVR, Chat, Email, CRM, WFO and other systems.

With integrated WFO analytics, the results will be much more than the sum of their parts.

Learn How CC-One Predictive Analytics can improve the Business Performance of Your Omni-Channel Contact Center.  

Learn More about Contact Center Analytics

Contact Center Model for Business Users

CC-One understands the data fields and formats coming from the various systems the call center uses—ACD, IVR, CRM, Marketing, Order Entry, Consumer Demographics—and applies heuristics to normalize the data across systems and vendors.  It then presents it in a business-user-friendly view for analysis.

Agent Activity Records™

Provides objective, undisputable statistical insight into the actions and behaviors of agents, teams, sites and outsourcers across channels. For once you can get an integrated view of all your operations.

Customer Interaction Records™

Connects the data in different systems representing the actions taken by a customer with the same intent, providing a complete view of what a customer does to evaluate, purchase, or obtain service for your products.

Voice of Customer Analytics

CC-One WFO suite performs text, speech and desktop analytics to determine what was really said and done during every customer interaction, which is fed into CC-One Analyzer to determine what customer and agent behaviors drive the business results you want.