Office Depot® Achieves A dramatic Reduction of call abandons & Delivers Significant Cost savings

The Office Depot® North American Business Solutions Division manages over 20 million customer interactions annually across 34 contact centers, on four continents, with more than 3,000 agents providing customer service to their business customers. Several years ago, it was a challenge for headquarters to manage and control performance globally due to a lack of central visibility over operations. Their size and distributed structure resulted in inconsistent performance management and reporting from site to site.

BroadSoft CC-One provided Office Depot® with global contact center performance management with centralized analytics, queuing, routing, recording, and monitoring across all customer service centers. Rolled out in less than 90 days, CC-One was able to help Office Depot achieve a dramatic reduction of call abandons, considerably lower the speed of answer, and continue to deliver significant cost savings.

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