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A Path to New Users, Customers and Revenues

The contact center market is ripe for disruption by the cloud, with dispersed agents working in different sites, at home or being outsourced, often globally.  Yet only 8% of all contact center agents are currently using cloud solutions. Grow your business with CC-One solutions for service provider resellers.

CC-One was designed specifically for this growing market with unique features that meet the requirements of today’s and tomorrow’s contact centers. It creates a new path to revenue for you and increases sales, customer satisfaction and retention for your customers.

CC-One is part of BroadSoft Business, a comprehensive mobile communications, team collaboration and contact center software suite for businesses that eliminates premise-based complexity and expense and enhances flexibility and productivity.

Key CC-One Selling Features for Service Provider Resellers:

  • Native cloud – consistent with the BroadSoft bMobile, bOpen and bSecure design philosophies
  • Omni-channel customer interactions –voice, web, email, chat and social in a unified environment
  • Predictive analytics-based routing – predicts customer’s need and matches to best agent
  • Expert collaboration and communications – integrations with Broadsoft UC-One and Team-One
  • Embedded Salesforce app – unified UX for agents, managers and administrators within Salesforce
  • 360° customer journey analytics – to understand the customer experience and  improve customer service
  • Integrated WFO suite – for workforce and quality management dynamic and “voice of the customer” insights across channels via speech, text and desktop analytics
  • Outbound campaigns – automation and management with preview and progressive dialing

CC-One for Service Provider Resellers At work


33% of customer interactions are not resolved during first call,  40% require expert assistance and 12% of these customers will be lost if not resolved


Real-time collaboration between agents, managers and back-office subject matter experts using BroadSoft’s UC-One and Team-One to speed first contact resolution


New revenue as you add CC-One to your existing UC-One and Team-One implementations and establish new customers through their contact center

Top Solutions for Service Provider Resellers

CC-One Business Edition
Gives managers central visibility and control over every incoming and outbound interaction. Start with just voice or a handful of omni-channel agents with IVR, skills-based routing, real-time and historical reporting and call recording.  Scales on-demand and customers can add WFO, predictive-analytics routing and other features as they grow. Learn more about CC-One Omni-Channel Contact Center solutions.

CC-One Salesforce® Edition
Improves the productivity of agents, managers and administrators by running all contact center operations as an embedded app within the Salesforce Sales and Service Clouds.  Can use ACD and CRM data to match customers with agents having the best performance records to increase customer satisfaction and profitability. Read all about the features of the CC-One Call Center App for Salesforce.

CC-One Hybrid Cloud Edition
Maintains your customer’s investment in existing systems while providing all the benefits of CC-One and the cloud.  Centrally routes omni-channel customer interactions to distributed on-premise and cloud systems, regardless of vendor.  Sets your customers up for a graceful migration to the cloud without an expensive and risky “rip and replace” approach. Learn more about the CC-One Hybrid Contact Center.

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