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Get complete visibility across sites and outsourcers

Managing multiple contact center sites and outsourcers is difficult, especially with on-premise equipment and systems. Most contact center systems generate their own operational reports and if different centers and outsourcers use their own systems and generate their own operational reports, it is very hard to see the big picture — but not with CC-One global call center solutions.

With CC-One overlooking all your contact centers and systems from the cloud, you can bring all the sites, agents and activity into one single view. You can view your productivity numbers in the aggregate and drill down into each team’s performance in detail. If one site is having a bad day, you can reroute calls to other sites on-demand.

With CC-One’s unified cloud routing and analytics for multi-site, multi-system contact centers, you can delivery of a consistent and improved customer experience world-wide.  Improve your performance with CC-One global contact center solutions.

CC-One global call center solutions:

  • Provide global visibility into the productivity of all sites, outsourcers and teams
  • Route calls from the cloud to existing on-premise systems regardless of their location
  • Consistently control service-levels world-wide across sites and outsourcers
  • Provide a consistent customer experience regardless of channel, location, time-of-day or which contact center is handling the customer interaction
  • Optimize distributed resource usage, ensuring the most efficient use of agents in multiple locations, balance call loads, and maximize performance

Global Call Center Solutions At Work


Depending on when customers call and where they call from, they are experiencing different wait times, varied call abandon rates and inconsistent conversion rates.


Route every customer through a central, global queue and based on their predicted need, route to the agent best at meeting that need along with a recommended script and offer.


Every customer has a high-quality consistent experience, abandon rates decline and conversion rates increase world-wide, regardless of the center or outsourcer taking the call.

Top Features for Global Contact Centers

Real-time Dashboards
Unifies and correlates real-time metrics from multiple systems and sites into an enterprise-wide command center creating global call center solutions that support making swift, data-driven operational changes based on current traffic and performance. Learn about Real-Time Dashboards.

Centralized, Global Routing
Global call distribution engine optimizes distributed resources usage, ensures the most efficient use of agents in multiple locations, balances call loads, and enriches each customer experience to maximize performance. Read about Centralized Global Queue Routing.

Predictive-analytics Routing
Dynamically routes customer interactions to on-premise and cloud based solutions by predicting customer’s need and determining the agent with the best performance record for meeting that need — using the data from all your contact center systems. Learn more about Predictive-Analytics Routing.

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