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The analytics you need to turn your contact center into a customer engagement center

Change the focus of your contact center from efficiency and cost-cutting to making customers happy and driving better business outcomes.

Why CC-One call center solutions make a difference:

  • Focuses on improving the business outcomes of your sales or service contact center, not just operational performance
  • Takes a statistical analytics approach, based on real-world business performance data over time
  • Delivers a 360º view of the customer journey across systems and sessions, correlating agent and customer perspectives
  • Provides continual, closed-loop improvements in the way your agents and systems behave

Call Center Solutions For Any Industry

CC-One call center solutions meet the needs of any industry providing sales and service through a contact center.

With CC-One

Understand customer behaviors, needs, and values to get results

CC-One call center solutions leverage customer engagement analytics and contact center analytics to help you better understand your customers and agent performance and optimize your operations for the best business results.

360º View of Customer Journey
Know the context of every customer interaction by stitching together all the customer interaction, geo-spatial and demographic data from your systems, databases and 3rd party services. Understand where the customer is in their journey, their value and predict their needs.

Manage Agent Performance
Correlate all your agent activity with customer interactions and business results so you know which agents are best at which tasks, which customers, and which stage of the customer journey and deploy them accordingly. Keep both your agents and your customers satisfied.

Maximize Your Business
Globally manage the matching of customers with the best agents, scripts, and offers so that business performance improves across the board. Make your contact center a strategic asset to the business that continually improves and delivers optimum value.

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